Coffee & magazines!

Well how about having a nice cup of coffee, a chat to other coursemates and maybe browse The Pottering Artist magazine rack?

Here we have a little resting spot for you to pause, catch your breath and reflect on what you have done so far - then -

fuelled by caffeine and a croissant or two you can journey on to the second half of the course.

Fancy a little arty read while you put your feet up and have a cuppa?


In the video below my friend Kate browsing an actual softcover of Issue 5 ... below I am offering digital PDF formats of every magazine at a steal!

Here are just 2 summaries of Issues 1 and 2:)

Samcart has a collection of every issue to date of Pottering About - "The art magazine that bares its soul so that you may nourish yours"

Have a flick through the titles and contents and snaffle a bargain by saving the cost of 2 (£9.98!) when you by the whole digital PDF series of 7 from my Samcart magazine stand. Please remember that on your bank statement this transaction will say SAMCART ok.

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