Welcome & Introduction

Alison Fennell - The Pottering Artist

Hello Beachcomber

Welcome and thank you for purchasing "Painting the Shoreline in Watercolor - The Beachcomber's Bounty"

On this course you can expect to...

  • Escape to the sea by way of watercolour and record your maritime finds as you wander virtually along the sun-kissed shoreline.
  • Witness seagulls careen and call above you as the surf ripples in and out around your barefeet.
  • Spot starfish, antique glass buoys, shells, seaweed and maybe even a glass bottle with message inside!
  • Glean skills with wax resits crayon to render foamy rivulets and shiny glass.
  • Grasp how to create textured shells and sand with insights into both delicate colour transitions and powerful shadow mixing.
  • Illustrate a relaxing meander along a beach in your mind as the salty breeze whisks away concerns and chores.
  • Be carefree to paint Neptune's treasures and absorb the natural wonder of the nautical nexus of sea and shore...

Here is the screenshot of what you will see when you get into the course...plus you can download a LARGE version to print as an A4 doc via the link below this text box.

I'd like you to get a lot of visual input for ths course so before you start into it you may want to imerse yourself into the ocean waters of my glorious Beachcomber's Bounty Pinterest Board.

You will need to have a Pinterest account to view it. It's easy to sign up and it is free.

Do not copy these images though as they are not free to use. Simply use them as nautical nourishment for your artistic mind...!

Here is your board! Click on it to access it or click the text/number link below.


I have curated it just for you to sink into the shallow seas of serenity as you browse shells, starfish, sparkling foam, driftwood forms and glinting fishing floats.

Take a look (maybe with some soothing music on) and jettison your land-locked worries as you edge deeper into that crystal blue sea...

I hope that you will get much enjoyment and know-how from this course for your watercolour development!

Feel free to click around in any order and when you have had a look around perhaps come back and work through methodically.

If you have any queries just leave a comment in any of the lectures or email me at [email protected]

Alison Fennell - The Pottering Artist


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