Your Next Steps & Watercolour Projects Galore!

Dear Artist

I hope you have got what you wanted from this course both in terms of watercolour education and artistic pleasure.

If you are disappointed in any way please ask for my no quibble refund ok:)

All I want is for you to have significantly benefitted from and enjoyed this watercolour flower course.


1 do repetitive studies of say a favourite shell. After the 4th or 5th one you will see your style emerging.

2 get other beach scenes from free sites like and try them out - keep the studies small to hone your skills

3 create a set of 3 seascapes with the intention of putting them in one of those 3 multi-image frames that look fab as a focal point for say your bathroom or hall.

4 make mini studies of beach scenes to stick onto A6 card blanks and create a stash of your very own greetings cards to have to end at a moment's notice when an unexpected birthday or event pops up. People will love a real watercolour.

5 collect seashore and shell etc images from magazines etc and stick them on a large piece of cardboard (about 2ft by 3ft) as a mood-board to nurture future nautical paintings.

6 whenever you go to the sea take a small sketchbook or watercolour journal and just try sketching and painting simple studies in real life. The point of this is not to create a finished work. Your sketchbook is where you amass imagery that has personal meaning for you and it turns into a reference album of image rich memories for more complex and measured work. Let it be your own private goldmine of sandy subject matter!

7 finally - if getting to the sea is difficult then simply paint yourself there as we have done on this course - whenever you like and play seagull, wave sounds to add ambience...


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