Submit for Professional Critique

Submit Your Painting for Professional Critique

This course includes a personal watercolour critique of one completed painting from any module.

This critique is worth £15 and will give you valuable insights and suggestions and encouragement-don't miss it!

I will look at the following areas once you submit your painting to me via email at

[email protected] - there is no time limit on when you have to submit it.

I will consider

  • composition
  • paint handling techniques
  • colour choices
  • overall mood
  • your strengths

and I will offer suggestions and advice for general improvement.

This will be in the form of an annotated image plus I will also type some notes and send both your annotated image and notes back to you via email - usually within 3 days of submission.

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If you like this idea of having written critiques done for more of your work that you may have and want an opinion on or if you would be interested in booking a personal online video coaching call via Skype or Zoom then please learn more of how this service can really get you on the right track and assisted on whatever problems you may have via this link:)

Instead of trawling endless how to videos on YouTube in the hope of finding the exact one that addresses your particular problem - come to me and get an answer straight from the horse's mouth!

1 Get personal handwritten critiques or

2 Have a personal 1 hours painting coaching call about your work!