Seashore Shadow Mixing Recipes

Shoreline Shadow Mixing Recipies

When it comes to sand and shells and sea SUBTLETY is key!

To mix these colours requires adding tiny increments of pigment at a time.

To mix their shadow counterparts necessitates equal focus on small additions of colour to avoid lurching uncontrollably from hue to hue and missing the mark.

The colours we will use are :-

Perinone Orange or any bright orange

Quinacridone Burnt Orange - or any burnt orange/rust

Cobalt Teal Blue - or any turquoise green

Manganese Blue - or any pale blue

Buff Titanium - or any pale biscuit

Yavapai Genuine - or any chocolate brown

Quinacridone Coral - or any bright pink

Green Gold - or any bright grass green

Permanent Alizarin Crimson - or any ruby red

Ultramarine Violet - or any pale purple

Amazonite - or any emerelad green and

Indanthrone Blue - or any navy blue

So - watch the short video and then go to your palette and paper and PLAY - hesitantly at first.

Practice picking 1 colour and adding a SMALL amount of any other colour to see what you get.

Like learning the notes on a piano there is no shortcut to knowing your colours and their mixes.

Enjoy this delicate discovery!

Here is a sample play session from my own ocean sketchbook -

Print off my prepared colour chart attached as a jpeg below called

Shoreline Shadow Mixing Recipes

but do not simply rely on it - try your hand yourself!

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