What you will learn & What you will need

Ripening Rowan Berries

Now we will turn up the heat slightly and move into orange and paint this delectable cluster of orange rowan berries.

These present us with the opportunity to try and paint our 1st 3-D form - some juicy spheres!

What you will need

DMD or Stonehenge 100% cotton watercolour block (for the actual painting)

DMD or Fabriano spiral pad (for testing colours etc)


Red fine-tip biro

Masking tape


Round synthetic watercolour brushes - sizes 2, 3, 4, 6

2 jugs of clear, cold tap water


Cotton facecloth

Watercolour palette with:-

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours in:-

Aureolin or any mid yellow

Transparent Pyrrol Orange or any orange

Amazonite Genuine or any green-blue

Your images included as JPEG's are:-

  1. Rowan berries reference photo
  2. Rowan berries outline
  3. Rowan berries close up colour
  4. Rowan berries close up posterized (5 tones) greyscale

These can be downloaded by you by clicking on the individual turquoise links below. I list their images here so you know what you are getting.

Watch the selection of simplified step-by-step video clips.

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Take your time and replay a few times if you want before you paint yourself.



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